We produce

high quality plastic articles

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The ARS company was established in 1995 on the basis of a plastics processing plant that started operating in 1968.

The modern injection molding machines we have allow us to process various types of plastics with exceptional precision and efficiency.

Using innovative technologies, we are able to produce products with complex shapes, exceptional quality and excellent mechanical properties.

The best quality

Quality is a key word that resonates in all aspects of our company's activities.

The products that leave the plant are a symbol of precision, reliability and excellence of workmanship.

In the production process, we use the highest quality raw materials and materials and pay attention to every detail in the production process.



We use modern injection machines in production.

Our plant is equipped with ultra-modern ENGEL and ARBURG injection machines enabling the production of highly specialized products.

The use of modern technology results in increased production efficiency and thus reduced production costs.

Products and services

We produce high-quality plastic products. Our offer includes: concrete accessories (reinforcement spacers, triangular strips), window installation accessories (compensation washers, wedges), as well as CD packaging, battery packaging and cash register sleeves.

Our company also provides outsourcing services.

The raw materials we use in production, combined with modern machinery, ensure high quality and durability of our products.


We are ECO

An important success of the company is the ecological nature of production. Production halls are heated with thermal energy generated in the technological process.

We reuse waste, which causes low environmental impact.