ARS HW – manufacturer of plastic products

Our history dates back to 1968, when we started operating as a plastics processing plant. In 1995, the ARS company was established on the basis of this plant, which has become a symbol of innovation and excellence in the production of plastic products.

Passion and commitment

For over half a century of presence on the market, our passion and commitment to shaping the domestic plastics industry have allowed us to develop dynamically and gain the trust of customers and business partners around the world.

By constantly introducing innovations and improving the technologies used, we have raised the quality and precision of our products to the rank of art.

Modern technologies and the highest quality

A key element of our activity is the constant pursuit of perfection by investing in modern technologies and developing the competences of our team. We have a fleet of machinery that includes advanced injection molding machines, guaranteeing efficiency and the highest quality of our products.

In 2007, we purchased injection molding machines from the German brand ARBURG. The use of modern technology resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and reduction in production costs.

Further development of the company and the desire to meet the growing requirements of our customers resulted in the purchase of ENGEL injection molding machines. These are ultra-modern injection machines controlled by digital systems, allowing the production of highly specialized products.


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The injection molding machines we use ensure very high quality of manufactured products and almost 100% repeatability of production, which in the case of long series is a guarantee of obtaining the highest recognition among our customers.



Sustainable development

Caring for future generations and the environment, ARS proudly implements a sustainable development strategy. We operate responsibly, minimizing our impact on the environment through effective management of raw materials, energy and reduction of production waste.

Partnership and cooperation

As a trusted partner, we not only provide high-quality products, but also build long-term relationships, supporting our clients at every stage of cooperation.

Vision and mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our company's vision is to be a leader in the production of plastic products, which passionately shapes the future of the industry, raising its standards and introducing innovative solutions.