Injection molding services

We offer a full range of services on injection molding machines, using modern ENGEL and ARBURG ALLROUNDER machines with a clamping force of up to 200 tons.

Our many years of experience combined with advanced machinery guarantee the implementation of even the most demanding projects, starting from the concept to the finished product.


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Professional and comprehensive services on injection molding machines with ARS-HW

We provide comprehensive services in the production of plastic products on injection molding machines. From the idea, through design, matrix creation, to final production - we offer our clients full support at every stage of the process.

  • Product design

    Our service can even start from the product design stage. Thanks to qualified engineering staff and state-of-the-art design tools, we are able to transform your idea into a functional, precisely designed product that meets all your requirements and market expectations.

  • Matrix design

    The next step is to design the matrix necessary for the production of the product. Our team of specialists works to optimize every detail, ensuring maximum efficiency of the injection process and the highest quality of the final product.

  • Creating the matrix

    After accepting the matrix design, we commission its implementation to proven partners. Using advanced CNC machining technologies, dies are created that are reliable and durable, which translates into the efficiency of the entire production process.

  • Production of the designed product

    The production phase is the moment when our modern ENGEL and ARBURG ALLROUNDER injection molding machines come into play. Thanks to them, we guarantee fast and precise production of products, while maintaining the highest quality standards and attention to every detail.

Ready matrix? No problem!

If the customer has a ready-made matrix, ARS-HW offers the possibility of using it in our injection molding machines. We provide full technical support and advice at every stage of the production process, which allows flexible adaptation to the individual needs of each project.


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By choosing ARS-HW, you are choosing a partner who guarantees comprehensive service, the highest quality of workmanship and an individual approach to each order. Our experience, continuous improvement of skills, as well as commitment to realizing the vision of our clients make us the undisputed leader in the injection services industry.

We invite you to contact us and start working with us on your next project. At ARS-HW, your ideas take shape!